Ackerman No Longer a Local Security Company

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Ackerman Security signs have been seen throughout Atlanta and its suburbs for more than 50 years.  With more homes protected by Ackerman Security than any other security company, their brand was well known to Atlantans – but that may soon change. 

Ackerman Security has sold its customers to the security giant, ADT.  This comes after Ackerman struggled with customer retention, growth, and customer service as evidenced by their weakening Better Business Bureau ratings and increasing negative online reviews.  

The change for some Ackerman customers will not be encouraging many sought a local company after being discouraged with the level of service delivered by large national security companies.  One long-term Ackerman customer states,

“We switched to Ackerman 10 years ago because ADT kept raising our rate – $5 now, another $5 a few months later.  We aren’t happy that we’re right back where we came from.” 

EMC Security, now the #1 local security provider in Georgia, is a safe place for disgruntled customers to turn to.  With our “no contract required” policy and a 21-year history of no monitoring price increase from the $16.95 monthly rate, EMC Security is a great option.

Ackerman customers can switch to EMC Security monitoring for no activation cost.  If equipment is required, there are specials specifically for them.  


With all the news about the changes to the 5G cell network, current EMC Security customers will be upgraded to the new technology at no cost.  New customers get a substantial discount as well.  Other companies are charging up to $200 for this required upgrade.  This is just another way that EMC Security puts customers first.

Best of all,  EMC Security is a local company, owned by 3 electric utility providers, with employees who live and work in the communities we serve.  Call 770-963-0305 to learn more.