EMC Security NOT Raising Monitoring Rate

Feb 6, 2022 | EMC Security News, General

From news articles to cocktail party discussions, everyone is focused on inflation.  The reality of the world-wide microchip shortage, global labor shortage and other supply chain disruptions has manufacturers – from consumer electronics and appliances to automobiles and industrial capabilities –  in a bind trying to fulfill demand.  Simple economics proves that when demand is high and supply is low, prices go up.  It’s happening in every aspect of our lives.

Security technology manufacturers have announced at least one, but in some cases, two prices increases in 2021.  Home security companies all over the U.S. are facing price increases and are passing the cost to consumers.

EMC Security’s monitoring rate is weathering the inflation surge as our focus remains on affordable, reliable home and business monitoring services.

Internally, our team is negotiating exemption and/or lower percentage increases with our manufacturing partners.

EMC Security has the latest in security technology – only our prices are stuck in the 90’s – $16.95 since 1998!

Our famous “no contract” option provides more value to consumers than ever before.  We give our customers control to decide if they want to do business with us.  Because customers can cancel any time, we work hard to ensure our level of customer service is at its highest for each and every interaction.