Introducing the EMC Mobile Alert Watch


A modern watch with a pedometer, tracking device, and personal medical alert button, the EMC Mobile Watch is the most convenient way to get immediate help and keep in touch with loved ones. 

Just like the popular EMC Mobile Alert Pendant, the watch has an SOS button that when pushed, puts the user in hands-free communication with one of our dedicated emergency response monitoring center representatives, who can send emergency personnel or loved ones to the user, depending on what is needed. They will also contact everyone on the emergency contact list.

With a fantastic optional app for family and care-givers, it’s easy to stay in instant communication with a loved one, set geo-fencing boundaries so you can be located in an emergency, and more.


Even though it’s a stylish, modern watch the EMC Mobile Alert Watch can save a life.

Have you or someone you know shied away from a pendant? The watch is a terrific alternative!