Smart Home Water Monitor


Easy device and app that monitors your water consumption in real time.

After installing the easy-to-use Water Monitor and the mobile app, you’ll be able to monitor your water consumption in real time. That means if the toilet is running, the faucet is dripping, or the water heater is leaking, you’ll know immediately, not when you get that hefty bill at the end of the month.  You will also be notified if there is any sudden increase in water flow, alerting you to any emergencies, and allows you to track your water use over the months and years.

The Streamlabs Water Monitor requires no monitoring and after purchasing the system itself, is absolutely FREE.

  • Get real-time consumption alerts
  • No recurring fees or monitoring costs
  • Easy installation – no tools or pipe cutting
  • Single device monitors the entire home
  • Track historical water usage
  • Integrates with Amazon Alexa
  • Doesn’t connect to your security system
  • Not professionally monitored – self monitored only
  • Notifications only – no remote controls for water faucets and valves

App and services provided directly by SteamLabs