Saved by the Belle


An older woman, living on her own, moved to Georgia to be close to her daughter’s family. The family decided that since she lives alone, it would be a good idea to order EMC Security’s “Belle” Medical Alert device for her.

Just one day after activation of her Belle system, while taking out the trash, she fell down an embankment. She immediately pressed the button, activating the system, and was put in contact with our dedicated emergency response team.

During the conversation with emergency personnel, she was confused and thought that she was at her previous home several states away, but our location-based service was able to easily identify her present location.

Luckily, the woman was not injured from the fall, and while speaking with her, the emergency operators contacted her family members who were able to reach her in short order to help her up the hill.

The Importance of Medical Alert Systems

This story could have had a different outcome. Had she not been wearing the “Belle” system, she may have laid at the bottom of the embankment for hours, dazed and confused.

This is just one of the many examples of why any individual that lives alone should have an EMC Medical Alert.

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