8 Ways You May be Inviting Intruders Into Your Home

Homeowner Tips

According to the FBI, the average financial loss from a burglary is more than $2,000

Despite taking every precaution, some homeowners unwittingly attract burglars to their property.  Here’s how.

Your home is dark

Criminals steer clear of a well-illuminated house. Leave on porch lights to discourage burglars from approaching entry doors, and install bright motion-detector lights around your home’s perimeter to dissuade them from searching for an open window.  

No cars in driveway

Criminals prefer breaking into vacant houses, so empty driveways are an open invitation for a robbery. Ask a neighbor to park in your driveway when you go on vacation—especially if you’ll be gone for more than a few days. 

Unlocked windows

After checking the front door, thieves often check for unlocked windows, which serve as an easy entry point. Before you leave the house and before you go to bed, close and lock all windows on the ground floor as well as second-floor windows that could be relatively easily accessed. Also, close the drapes so would-be intruders can’t scope out the contents of your interior, as any expensive object in plain sight may tempt them. 

Unkempt Yard

An overgrown lawn and poorly maintained landscaping indicate that residents may be away on an extended vacation. Additionally, overgrown bushes can offer protective cover for intruders as they break into your home. 


Criminals scour social media for future targets.  Posting your travel plans on Facebook or Instagram is akin to putting a big sign in your front yard announcing that you’ll be gone. 

Stuffing the mail box

Ask a neighbor or friend to stop by your home daily to pick up mail, newspapers and packages. This type of clutter is a dead giveaway that you’re gone.

packages on a porch

Leaving the garage door open

In addition to risking your belongings being taken from your garage, chances of the door to the house being unlocked are pretty good.

No visible security system or cameras

Homes without a security system are 3 times as likely to get broken into.  Most burglars surveyed said they’d pass by a home with a visible security camera as well.  Security systems are very affordable from just $179 – check out EMC Security’s options here.

an EMC security sign in front of a house