Fire Protection and Code Inspections

Fire Protection

and Code Inspections

Protect Assets and Stay Compliant

EMC Security offers sophisticated fire detection systems that are designed to be easily integrated with other solutions to help protect your facilities, your property, your inventory and most importantly, the people inside.

Protect your assets and people with monitored fire solutions. Facility managers of schools, hospitals, businesses and residential complexes are facing the challenge of ensuring that their facilities’ fire/life safety systems are in compliance with the rapidly changing and increasingly complex codes.

EMC Security offers the technical expertise and the product lines that ensure that your facilities are safe and in compliance with local, state and national requirements.

Fire Protection Solutions

Conventional Fire Systems
Addressable Fire Systems
Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Campus-wide Wireless Fire Systems
Digital Voice Command Systems
Annual Compliance Inspections

Mass Notification Systems

A mass notification system, or Digital Voice Command (DVC) system, is a powerful integrated emergency communication system designed to broadcast one or two way emergency messaged to individuals or groups simultaneously.  Building occupants will receive clear voice instructions pertaining to their location and proximity to the emergency.  

NOTIFIER Bi-Directional Amplifier

Prevent injuries and protect lives with technology that overcomes weak signals and dead spots by enhancing radio signal strength in buildings, tunnels, and other structures.  The Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement System can provide 100% in-building coverage.

Vertical Markets

Retail >
Frequent challenges include theft and shrinkage, employee safety, and maintaining high work standards while the owner is away from the business.

Logistics >
Key challenges include verifying goods have been received and shipped, locating items, preventing shrinkage and theft, and mitigating injury.

Multi-Family >
Multi-family properties must discreetly manage and protect a large facility or campus without sacrificing the comfort of the residents.

Office >
Worker safety, fire protection, remaining code compliant, and securing important documents are key issues in office environments.

Education >
Concerns regarding school security have dramatically increased, as schools across the nation have become the target of crime and violence, and drug activity.

Utilities >
Challenges facing utilities are protecting the critical infrastructure that serves the community as well as remaining code compliant with growing utility regulation.

Data Center >
It is critical for a data center to protect valuable technological assets and information in a low foot-traffic environment.

Manufacturing >
Key challenges include verifying quality control standards, evaluating manufacturing up-time, and mitigating workplace injury.

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