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Free EMC Text-Alert

Opt-in to free EMC Text-Alert and get a text notification on your mobile phone, chat with your emergency contacts, and click to dispatch or dismiss the alarm.

Insurance Discounts

Does your homeowner’s policy offer a discount for a monitored security system (possibly more for fire monitoring)?  Get your alarm monitoring certificate and save.

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Customer Account Updates

Did you change your email or phone number?  Do you want to add an emergency contact to the list?  Update your information quickly here.

Mobile App Controls

Use your smartphone to arm/disarm your system, smart-devices and more.  Add an interactive app today.

Moving Resources

Safety tips and security resources while selling your home, including setting up a guest code for your agent.

Transfer security moitoring to the buyer and get a $100 e-gift card.  Easy transfer – no hassles, no appointments.

Test Your System

EMC Security encourages all of our customers to test their systems monthly to ensure their system is ready in the event of an emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our knowledge center for answers about your security system, alarm monitoring procedures, and account management.

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Customer Newsletter

View the latest EMC Security customer newsletter.

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Security System Manuals

View and/or download your system manual for quick reference.  Call 770-963-0305 for technical support.