Safety Tips When Selling Your Home

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Placing your home on the market shouldn’t result in increased risks to home security.

In fact, it’s in situations like this when you should amp up your protection even more. Why? Because when a real estate agent invites potential buyers into your home, their primary concern is selling your home, not with your valuables.

There have been many reports of homeowners being burglarized shortly after allowing prospective buyers inside. In these burglaries, small but expensive items such as jewelry and watches have been stolen.

If you are placing a house on the market now or in the future, EMC Security can help you protect your home in more ways than one. For instance, did you know that you can set your alarm keypad to grant access to certain people during specific times of the day? Want to monitor the activity inside your home from across town or while you’re at work? We’ve got you covered! Here are a few security tips to help you have a safer home selling experience:

1. Give Guest Code Authorization to Realtors
a realtor disarming a security system










If you have an alarm system, avoid giving out your main security code (and if you don’t have a burglar alarm, get one!). Many modern systems allow you to program guest codes, some of which even make those codes usable only during certain times and on certain days. Requiring guests to use codes allow you to limit access to your home and can keep a log of when specific codes were used to enter your home. Assigning unique passwords to realtors also helps create an added sense of responsibility on the part of the realtor. Need help with this feature? Contact EMC Security at 770.963.0305 to check compatibility from one of our security experts.

 2. Obligate Realtors to Re-arm Your System Before Leaving

In addition to ensuring certain that all doors are properly secured and locked, make it a requirement that realtors reactivate your system prior to leaving your home. It’s also a good idea to document your request with the broker by giving them written instructions pertaining to your request. Taking such strong precautions could mean the difference between your home being protected as opposed to being burglarized.

3. Use Indoor Home Surveillance Cameras

indoor security camera

Whether hidden or placed in plain sight, surveillance cameras are a deterrent to theft and can be invaluable to protecting your property. In the worst-case scenario, they can provide evidence to police in the event of a crime. Some security cameras will even allow you to remotely monitor your home while away.

4. Check Your Windows

windows in a living room

Even if you’ve instructed your realtor to check/lock your windows after each visit, it’s still recommended that you double check to ensure that all entry points to your home have been secured upon your return. Crafty burglars will sometimes unlock windows or doors with plans of returning later to execute their plan for theft. Also, a realtor may simply forget to secure one of these, so it is always a good idea to manually check yourself as soon as possible.

5. Remove or Secure Valuables

a home safe

Don’t neglect to secure your valuables, such as money or jewelry when listing your home for sale. It’s not enough to simply place jewelry in a designated box or video games in a cabinet, as strangers will be allowed to roam throughout your home and may stumble upon these areas. If you don’t already own one, consider a wall safe or even removing them during open house visits.

Need a security system?  Give EMC Security a call at 770.963.0305 or check out our website on how to customize the best home security system for your needs today.