5 Ways to Use Your Indoor Security Camera

Mar 5, 2019 | Security-Cameras

Every home could use an indoor security camera as an extension of their home security system.  They are great for peace of mind when you have a new baby, kids at home alone, if you travel, and of course, for extra security and protection against crime. 

It’s important to remember that security cameras are not a replacement for monitored home security systems.  They are to simply add an extra layer of security.  If you want to feel safe and secure inside your home, you should purchase a security system with professional monitoring so if an intruder gets inside, you will have help – quickly.

Below are 5 places inside your home that you should consider for an indoor camera:

Front and Back Doors

  • It makes sense to monitor the main entrances of your home. Most burglars will try the front doors first, and then side and back doors next.
  • For indoor security, point the camera directly at the door. If possible, aim to keep the camera about 7 feet off the ground pointing down at a slight angle. This is ideal to capture a clear view of an intruder’s face.

First Floor Windows

  • If an intruder cannot get in through a door, they might try the first-floor windows.   Having a security camera sit on a table facing the window (diagonally to reduce glare) can work as a great deterrent.   Because burglars know more about home security and security systems than most law-abiding citizens, they might deduct that they have been caught on video and make an escape.
  • Cameras may deter would-be burglars, or record their crime, but they do not physically reinforce your first-floor windows. Installing a security system with sensors on both your doors and windows should always be a priority in making your home the most secure.

Master Bedroom

  • The master bedroom is usually the first place a burglar heads to because many valuables are stored here.  The master is also a great place for a camera with two-way audio.  Speaking to the intruder directly might cause them to flee the scene without taking anything.


  • Home burglaries happen very quickly, and as a result, the criminals are in and out of the home in minutes. The stairs are an area that forces a person to slow down, especially on the descent. Placing a camera here guarantees two looks at the perpetrators, as they will need to go up and down.

Garages & Sheds

  • Approximately 9% of all break-ins occur through garage doors. But even if your home isn’t invaded, open garages can offer a wealth of opportunities to steal resalable items.  Place the camera inside the garage at an angle, facing out to reduce glare.

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