Statistics show that 83% of burglars determine if a home has a security camera before attempting to break-in.

In addition to deterring would-be criminals, security cameras also provide homeowners the convenience of being able to monitored your home at any time, from anywhere. Want to make sure the kids made it home from school? Check your app to see your kids arriving home safely. Want to keep an eye on your home when you’re away on vacation? Peek at your security footage whenever you feel the need.

When deciding on whether or not to opt for security cameras, most customers have questions related to how they actually work and which one will fit their specific needs.

We’ve compiled a few of the most common questions to help you understand all of your home security options.

What types of security cameras are there? 

EMC offers three types of security cameras: indoor and outdoor WiFi cameras, doorbell video cameras, and Flir DVR/NVR camera solutions.

 Indoor and Outdoor WiFi Security Cameras:

 Indoor and outdoor cameras seamlessly integrate with your security system and the latest in smart-home technology through the mobile app.

Doorbell Video Cameras: 

Video doorbells allow you to see, hear, and speak to anyone at your door whether you’re in your kitchen or across town. Connect your doorbell camera to your security app and control your camera, security, and other automated features such as locks, lights, and thermostat.

DVR/NVR Camera Solutions:

If your needs require a more vigorous home surveillance camera system, DVR cameras are among the most dependable cameras on the market, designed for those who want to keep an eye on things with exceptional, high-definition live streaming video and on-site storage.

Are security companies monitoring my security camera footage?

Cameras are self-monitored. EMC Security does not have access to your cameras or video accounts, so we do not monitor your video camera footage. Video cameras record the footage and send you, the user, a notification and video clip. You can then go to the camera app to view live footage.

Where are the best places to put security cameras?

When deciding the best locations to place your security cameras, it’s important to take a walk around your home with your security goals in mind. Consider the places a potential intruder could enter your home: windows, doors, garage door, or even through the basement. Also consider placing them out of reach. Some recommended places include:

Front Door: An estimated 34% of all burglars enter your home through the front door.

Back Door: 22% of burglars enter through the back door.

Basement Stairs: Most basements are accessible through small windows that are large enough for a person to enter through.

Off-street Windows: 23% of burglars enter through a first floor window.

How is my security footage stored?

Video clips are stored on the Cloud and are accessed via your mobile app. Subscribe to EMC Security’s Video Service for $5 for the first camera and just $1 per additional camera.

Can I monitor my security cameras from my phone?

Yes!  Receive alerts and clips of motion detected, and control your alarm system, lights, locks, and thermostats.

Will I be contacted if the security cameras detect anything?

Yes, you can program your system to send instant video clips from home of what matters most to you, from alarm activity to your children coming home from school or a package being delivered.

To learn more about EMC’s security camera options, give us a call today at 770.963.0305.  Purchase cameras online here from just $79.