3 Ways to Use smart Home Technology for Pets

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For many Americans, pets are not simply viewed as animals but rather family members instead. Our cuddly friends deserve all a world of love, and technology makes caring for them easier and better than ever.  In the same ways that smart home technology improves our lives, it can also improve the day-to-day life of our four-legged friends. Although smart home technology was invented to make life more convenient for humans — there are some practical benefits for your precious little wonders that can help you keep an eye on your pet when you’re away, and provide them a safe, fun, and clean environment.


Here are the 3 best ways to use EMC Security’s smart home technology to make life sweeter for pets:


1) Use the EMC Security smart camera to keep an eye on them while you’re away from home. Make use of the camera’s two-way voice communication to make them feel like you’re there with them.

2) Monitor, automate or adjust the room temperature to keep them comfortable year-round.

3) Sure — cats and dogs can see well in darkness but that doesn’t necessarily mean they like it. Use motion sensors to trigger lights in their eating areas at night, and schedule lights to come on after dark on nights when you’ll be home late.


Our pets would do anything for us, so it’s our job to care for them the best we can. EMC Security’s high-tech, pet-friendly home devices can help keep your best buddy happy, relieve boredom, and make your life just a little bit easier.