5 Facts You Need to Know about DIY Self-Install Security

Mar 5, 2019 | General

We have seen an influx of DIY “Big Box” Security Systems enter the marketplace over the last few years.

Technology has proven to be easy to use and install, and cost effective for the consumer.

In fact, EMC Security launched our popular Self-Install Security System for these very reasons.  Our customers love the option because it saves money, time, and it’s hassle-free.  Additionally, the system works great.  It’s the same professional system our technicians install in homes every day with the same great professional monitoring from 2 central monitoring stations, and all the benefits that every EMC Security customer receives:  award winning service and 24/7 technical support.

Some DIY Security Systems can be down-right dangerous to rely on as a source of protection for your home and family.

Below are 5 Facts You Need to Know About DIY Self Install Security Systems

1.  You are on your own when purchasing a system at a retail store.  If you don’t know what you need for complete protection, how are you going to “build” your DIY system?

EMC Security’s DIY Security consultants work with you to determine exactly what you need according to your home specifications and safety concerns.  We’ll even label the equipment for you so you know which piece goes where.

Once you install the system, our central station will test each sensor to ensure it works properly.

2.  A system built for self-monitoring gives a false sense of security.  A lot of the DIY home security systems on the market are built specifically for self-monitoring.  While we are big fans of interactive technology that sends alerts and notifications to your smart-phone, we do not think you should rely on alerts alone when it comes to the protection of your home and family.

EMC Security’s self install systems are designed for professional monitoring by EMC Security’s central monitoring stations.  If an alarm is triggered, EMC Security will notify you, and if you can’t be reached the authorities will be dispatched….within seconds.

3.  Poor “cheap” equipment.  One of the number one consumer complaints about DIY security systems on the market is the cheap, unreliable equipment.  There’s something to be said for equipment manufactured by a leader in the industry.

4.  Lack of technological support.  If you have an issue with the installation, who can you call?  What if something goes wrong with one of the sensors or the keypad?  Does the company have service reps that can swing by your house to assist you?  These are important questions to ask before buying from an online or “big-box” retailer.

Even though our DIY system is fast and easy to install, EMC Security has local, award winning service representatives available with just a simple phone call.

5.  Who is testing the system?  EMC Security runs alarm signal tests on every customer every month.  If we don’t get a signal, the customer is notified and a service technician is sent out if necessary.  A DIY system purchased from a retail store will most likely not provide any customer support after the purchase.

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