5 Security Risks Homeowners Overlook

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We know no one would intentionally put their family or home in danger, but they might do so without knowing it.

Common Security Risks Homeowners Overlook & how to Correct Them:

1.  Not Closing the Curtains.  Most burglars peer through windows to look for things to steal and to detect occupancy. Always keep curtains closed when you’re not home and use caution leaving them open when you’re inside. It’s also a good idea to close them at night because interior lights make it especially easy for burglars to see indoors.

2.  No Security Camera at the Front Door.  You may not realize it but many burglars break in through the front door. But when faced with security cameras, intruders are apt to think twice. Choose a security camera that is monitored with a mobile app so you always know who is at your doorstep.  Consult our security camera webpage for information about camera types and which would be best for you.

3.  Leaving Doors Unlocked.  Even if your neighborhood is considered safe, leaving your door unlocked puts your home and family in jeopardy. Before going to the trouble of breaking in, burglars will often check if your home’s doors are unlocked.  Keep your doors locked at all times, even when you’re inside, and don’t leave a spare key in an obvious location. If you’re worried about your family getting locked out or just want to make locking and unlocking the door less of a hassle, consider buying an auto-lock system so you can control your locks from your mobile phone.

4.  Not Having a Home Security System.  Some burglars case neighborhoods looking for the easiest homes to break into. If you don’t have a home security system, your house may be more attractive to criminals because they think there’s less chance they’ll get caught.  A home security system can help reduce the risk of a break-in and better protect your home and family. As an added benefit, EMC Security systems can also monitor you home for fire, carbon monoxide, and other potential hazards.  EMC Security can help you choose the best security system for your needs and budget. Once you get a home security system, don’t forget to post the yard signs that came with it to warn burglars your home is protected.

5.  No Outdoor Lighting.  Burglars don’t want to be seen.  That makes a dark entryway and yard a security risk.  Illuminate your yard with auto-lights that are motion activated and can be set up to turn on at dusk and turn off whenever you want.  You will want to put auto-lights around sheds and outbuildings and other places that store items that a burglar would want.

In addition to implementing the five security solutions above, don’t make the mistake of thinking crime won’t happen to you or your family. While some communities are safer than others, it’s important to remember that crime happens in every neighborhood. Don’t assume your home and family are safe.

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