5 Tips to Discourage the Spread of Fire in Your Home

Fire Safety

The room was fully ablaze in 3 minutes.

A recent Good Morning America investigation demonstrated how much more vulnerable today’s modern home is to fire than its older counterparts.

A group of researchers set a fully furnished 12×16 foot room (similar to one found in a modern, open floor plan) on fire to see how long it took for the room to reach a “flash point,” or the moment in a room where everything is engaged in a fire. The result? The room was fully ablaze in 3 minutes.

Why New Homes are More Susceptible


Why are newer-build homes more susceptible to fast-moving fires? Many residences are now designed with an open floor plan, which provides refreshing air circulation and great sightlines, but also fuels flames with oxygen and a clear path for flames. There’s also more “stuff” in newer homes—more technology means more computers, televisions and other personal electronics that are susceptible to fire. And all this “stuff” is now being made with new synthetic materials that burn quickly. Even energy-efficient thermo-pane windows work against homeowners in a fire, trapping heat and causing fire and smoke to circulate.

How to Protect Your Home from Rapidly Spreading Fires

1.  The first safety tip is a simple one that many homeowners forget—close the interior doors. When each room is compartmentalized, fire has less room and oxygen and grows more slowly, giving the family more time to get out safely. Get into the habit of closing doors (especially bedroom doors)  at bedtime.

What about your “stuff?”

2.  When you’re shopping for new furniture or appliances, check the manufacturer’s label to see if the item has been tested for its resistance to fire.

3.  Dense, heavy, solid materials will burn more slowly, so consider the heft of building materials if you’re building or remodeling a home. Heavier doors, handles, and non-synthetic construction materials will slow the spread of flames.

4.  As the safety window for escaping a home fire shrinks, it’s more important that ever to create a fire escape plan for your family that includes two exit points for every room, and a plan for meeting up outside.

5.  The NUMBER ONE thing you can do to protect your home: install a fire monitoring system. EMC Security includes fire monitoring on all of its security systems, starting at $16.95 per month. Call 770-963-0305 and schedule a free consultation to find the fire monitoring and intrusion alarm system that fits your home and your family.