5 Ways a Medical Alert System Can Help Your Loved Ones

Medical Alert

Everyone knows someone that could benefit from a medical alert pendant.

Here’s why:

1.  A fall in the shower—We recently received a personal emergency two-way pendant alarm from a customer. She had fallen in the shower and although she was not injured, she couldn’t get to her feet. With the shower noise, family in the house could not hear her cries for help. She pushed her pendant and the operator called the daughter in the house, who was there in moments to help.

2. A gardening accident—Shears can cause serious injury if they slip in the gardener’s hands. And if he or she is standing on a ladder to trim trees or shrubbery, they are at risk from a fall. However, if the gardener is wearing a medical alert pendant, help is only a touch away. The operator can stay on line with the injured person until assistance arrives.

3. Walking to the mailbox—Even a simple trip to check the mail can trip up someone with mobility issues. If the driveway is long, steep, or graded on an uneven surface (such as a dirt drive, common in outlying Atlanta counties) it can become a dangerous walk if someone takes a tumble. 

4. Kitchen and Laundry room fires—Our latest blog on laundry room fires highlights the dangers that can exist without proper maintenance of the washer and dryer—something that might be difficult for someone with limited mobility. In the kitchen, gas and electric fires may ignite if appliances are left unattended. A two-way medical pendant gives the resident immediate access to an operator who can get help quickly.

5. If someone cannot speak—A medical emergency that renders the victim unable to speak is frightening. A stroke, fainting spell or even choking may mean that there is no opportunity to call for help. However, with a medical alert pendant, the victim can press the call button, and even if they cannot tell the operator what is happening, the operator will still dispatch help and remain on the line until he or she has confirmed that emergency personnel have arrived and the victim is being assisted.

If you’ve imagined one of these scenarios in your head for a loved one that lives apart from you, it might be time to talk about an extra level of care and security. A medical alert system will allow them to thrive in their own home, and it can give you peace of mind.