6 Tips to Keep Your Home Security System Running Smoothly

Sep 30, 2023 | General

A home security system is an important investment in your peace of mind.

But like any other appliance, it needs regular care and maintenance to keep it working properly. Here are 6 tips to help you keep your home security system running smoothly:

1. Arm your system. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to arm your security system every time you leave home or go to bed. This will help to deter burglars and other intruders.

2. Regularly test your system. Make it a habit to test your security system once a month to make sure all of the components are working properly. You can do this by setting off the alarm and checking to see if it sounds and alerts the monitoring station.  Test Your System Now >

3. Keep your contact information up-to-date. Make sure the monitoring station has your current contact information, including your phone number, email address, and physical address. This way, they can reach you in case of an alarm event.  Update contacts >

4. Notify EMC Security of changes to your Wi-Fi or phone system. If you make any changes to your home’s Wi-Fi or phone system, be sure to notify EMC Security. This is because your security system may rely on these systems to communicate with the monitoring station.

5. Opt-in to text alerts. EMC Security offers a free text alert service that can be used to notify you in the event of an alarm event. This can be a helpful way to stay informed about what’s happening at your home, even when you’re not there.  View a demo from your phone >

6. Consider system upgrades or add-ons. As technology advances, there are new security features and options available. Consider upgrading your system or adding on additional features to keep your home even more secure.

By following these tips, you can help to ensure that your home security system is always working properly and providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.