A Family’s Brush with Danger and Their Unwavering Trust in EMC Security

Apr 19, 2023 | EMC Security News

EMC Security customers, Francis Ajufo and his family experienced an extremely traumatic event at their Lawrenceville home in March.  Francis and his wife were downstairs at the kitchen table talking when they heard what they thought were gunshots.  Panic rose in their chests as they heard their son’s frantic cries for his mother just moments later.

Rushing upstairs, they discovered their son on the floor, unharmed but visibly shaken. It was immediately apparent that the chilling sounds they had heard earlier were indeed gunshots, as bullets had pierced through the wall, narrowly missing their son. Desperate to call for help, they found that they couldn’t reach the police.

Thinking quickly, Francis activated their security system, triggering an alarm. EMC Security responded immediately, and he requested dispatch. While waiting for the authorities, 911 eventually returned his call, only to learn that EMC Security had already dispatched help. Upon arrival, the police discovered the source of the gunfire: a heated argument between neighbors had escalated, resulting in one of them firing several rounds that passed through the Ajufo’s home.

The following day, the Ajufo family received a follow-up call from Joe at EMC Security. This gesture touched the family deeply and solidified their gratitude for the exceptional care and attention they received both during and after their ordeal.

Having been monitored by EMC Security since 2015, the Ajufo family is now preparing to move to a new home in Loganville.

“Our new home has an ADT system installed.  We aren’t considering using ADT and although the system has to be replaced entirely because ADT locked out the panel and sensors, we will be purchasing an entirely new system from EMC Security.”

The Ajufo family’s experience, while undoubtedly terrifying, is a testament to the importance of reliable and responsive security systems. With EMC Security by their side, they can move forward with confidence, knowing their safety is in the hands of a company that genuinely cares for their well-being.

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