Arm Your System with Google or Alexa

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EMC Security’s newest wireless systems, Connect+, give customers the convenience to arm and disarm the system using Alexa or Google Home.  

How to use Amazon Alexa with Connect+

The Alula Alexa Security Skill allows users to operate the Connect+ security system with voice commands through their Alexa-enabled devices.

To get started first add Alula to your Alexa by installing the Alula Skill.

1. Download and Open the Alexa application on your smartphone.

2. Select “Skills & Games” from the slide out menu on the left of the screen (tap the 3 parallel lines on the top left corner to expose menu)

3. Search for “alula” without quotes. Tap the Alula app from the list that appear then tap “Enable” to add the Alula Skill to your Alexa.

4. Sign in with your Username and Password that you use with the Alula app.

Once Skill is added Alexa will now be able to react to the “My Security System” command. The basic pattern is to say “Alexa, ask/tell My Security System to…” Some specific example as are as follows.

    • Alexa, ask My Security System to arm to stay.
    • Alexa, tell My Security System to arm to away.
    • Alexa, tell My Security System to arm to night.
    • Alexa, ask My Security System for status.
    • Alexa, ask My Security System to disarm using 1,2,3,4 (you may use any valid code for your panel). 
How to use Google Home with Connect+

Install the Google Home app for iPhone or Android

Press the “+” symbol in the upper left

Click “Set up a device”

Choose “Set up new device”

Choose “Have something already set up?”

Scroll down to “Alula Security” and click it

Sign into your Alula account with your Username and Password

You’ll see a list of all your Smart Home devices.

Click on all of the Smart Home devices you want to add.

Navigate back to the home screen and find the microphone button in the bottom middle of the screen.

Press the microphone button and speak to enter Google Home commands for your Smart Home devices.

You can say phrases such as:

  • “Set my Connect Plus to stay”
  • “Set my security system to stay”
  • “Set my security system to away”
  • “Set my security system to night”
  • “Disarm my security system” (Google will ask you for the pin)
  • “Disarm my Connect Plus” (Google will ask you for the pin)
  • “Is my system armed?”
  • “Is my Connect Plus armed?”
  • “Is my front door open?”
  • “Are my doors open?”

You can give other household members access to the connect plus in two steps

  1. Make sure connect plus and sensors are added to a “home” in the Google Home App
  2. Use the Google Home App to invite home member to the “home”