Beware of Proprietary Security Systems


Would you be happy purchasing security equipment from a company and being stuck using their service exclusively, even if the service is poor or the price keeps increasing?

It could happen, especially if you purchase ADT, Xfinity (Comcast), or Simplisafe security equipment.  Simplisafe and Xfinity even claim a benefit of not requiring a monthly contract.  But the fact is, if you aren’t happy with their service, you’ll need to throw the equipment in the trash – because no other company can take it over and monitor it.  Their technology is proprietary.

These companies make their proprietary equipment quite attractive with huge sales or “free” equipment.

But that comes at a cost:
  1. A lengthy contract that rolls the equipment cost into the monthly payment
  2. No way out because no other company can take it over

Let me ask the obvious question:

If the company locks you into a monthly contract or locks other companies out of monitoring the equipment, what incentive do they have to offer you good service once the sale is complete?

The answer is simple – They have no incentive.

For these reasons, EMC Security gives proprietary equipment a thumbs down.  We want our customers to CHOOSE to do business with us.  That’s why we give them the freedom to cancel at anytime for any reason – with no penalty.  The equipment is non-proprietary so many companies can monitor it.


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