Burglars Answer Question that Could Help Protect Your Home

Mar 5, 2019 | Crime Stats

Fox 5 Atlanta reported on a study where they sent 20 questions related to home burglaries to the Georgia Department of Corrections. The questions ranged from how burglars chose the homes they targeted to what time of day they preferred to try to break into a home. 99 convicted burglars responded. Their answers could surprise you, but they should also encourage you to take steps to actively protect your home from criminal activity.

For example:

  • 28% said they entered the home through an unlocked or open window
  • 25% through an unlocked door.
  • 60% responded that they would leave immediately if an alarm sounded
  • while 66% responded that a visible security camera would deter them from breaking in.
  • In fact, 60% responded that lights turned on inside the home would make them think twice about attempting to break in.

See the entire 20-question survey in the slideshow below:

EMC Security offers a number of ways to protect your home, from our popular DIY Self-Install System and Security Cameras to Glass-Break Sensors and Home Automation Features. As you can see from the study above, these features could deter would-be criminals from breaking into your home.

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Burglars Answer Question that Could Help Protect Your Home