Can EMC Security Monitor My Security System?

Dec 16, 2021 | General

More homes than ever before have pre-installed security systems, or the home is pre-wired and ready for security equipment to be installed.

This begs the question that is often confusing to consumers, “Do I have to use the company that installed the equipment to monitor it?”

No, you don’t.

With just a few exceptions, EMC Security can monitor most existing home security systems.    This is good news if you’re happy with the existing security system in your home but dissatisfied with your current monitoring service, or especially if you’re moving into a home with a pre-installed system.

What is Monitoring?

When your alarm is activated (by a sensor striking on a door or window), an alarm is sent to the central monitoring station for immediate action. This includes contacting you at pre-determined phone numbers (EMC Security’s alarm response is less than 14 seconds on average) and relaying your address and the type of emergency to police, fire, or medical authorities.

Some systems are only supported by the company that installed them. These systems are called proprietary systems.  Some well-known companies block other companies from monitoring their systems with proprietary systems.  However, there are many other system types that are non-proprietary which makes choosing a monitoring provider much easier.

If you’re moving into a home with an existing security system, the control panel should give you a make and model number to assist with your research.  This information is all EMC Security needs to determine if we can monitor your system.

How to Switch to EMC Security

As part of our process of activating an existing security system, our customers receive:

  • A full system diagnostic
  • Reprogramming to communicate to EMC Security monitoring centers
  • Full system communications test
  • Panel battery replacement if needed
  • Homeowner training on full system operation
  • Yard signs and window decals

Can EMC Security Monitor My Existing System?