Customer Newsletter – July, 2023

Nov 21, 2023 | Newsletter

Looking to enhance your property security? Consider installing security cameras.

EMC Security provides two excellent camera options: (1) Wi-Fi enabled cloud cameras and (2) an NVR camera system with on-site storage.

For those seeking a straightforward solution to monitor their property, Wi-Fi cloud cameras offer the ideal balance of convenience and functionality. With easy installation and seamless integration, these cameras provide peace of mind without sacrificing convenience. 

For individuals requiring more comprehensive coverage, an NVR camera system is the way to go. With a minimum of 4 cameras strategically placed throughout the property, this robust camera system ensures optimal viewing and surveillance capabilities, along with convenient on-site storage. 

EMC Security experts will help guide you through which system is right for your specific needs, and below is a comparison for quick reference:

Do you want the latest and greatest technology? 

Technology advancements have made it more affordable than ever to integrate your existing equipment with brand new technology, like EMC Security’s sleek color touchscreen keypad. This device controls not only your security but also your video cameras & smart-devices, with full audio and more.  

Give your security system a boost with all the modern features our touchscreen keypad delivers. *Contact us to discuss compatibility 

Upgrade to the Touchscreen Keypad for $160 each. 

View short video: