Customer Removes Security System Installed by Cable Company, then calls EMC Security!

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EMC Security recently learned about the terrible experience a new customer in Powder Springs, Georgia had with a cable company and internet service provider who advertises home security services in the Metro Atlanta area. 

About a month ago, she contacted this cable company and set up the installation of a new security system for her home. 

Her first red flag that this was not going to be a great experience was on the day that the cable company was there to install her security system.  The two technicians from the cable company repeatedly called their office during the installation with questions on how to install the equipment. 

Though she was impressed with the keypad that came with the system, she had to carry it in every room with her in order to hear the alarm when the doors were opened.  On the first night of having her new system, she armed the system and went to bed.  Not long after going to bed, the alarm had been activated causing the siren to sound and frightening the poor customer out of bed.  She was so startled and did not know if someone was in her home or trying to break in.  She happened to see the motion detector on the floor.  She realized that it had been so poorly installed that it fell right off of the wall.  She began to doubt every part of her security system installation. 

The Switch to EMC

Fortunately, this customer had a 3-day writ of rescission and this happened on the first day.  The next morning, she called the cable company and notified them of her decision to remove their equipment from her home and that she would not be using their services for home security monitoring.  Right after that phone call she contacted EMC Security.  She chose a customized security system designed by the EMC Security sales consultant.  

She has been happy with her equipment and monitoring service ever since joining the EMC Security family.  She tells EMC Security that in hindsight, she should have seen the red flags that appeared to tell her the two cable guys did not have the proper training to install a home security system, which is why they made call after call to the office for step by step instructions on the day of installation. 

She realized that she could have been locked into a 3-year contract with this cable company and stuck with the poorly installed equipment and doubtful customer service.  EMC Security encourages customers to do their due diligence when choosing a security company to help protect your home. 

A Security Company You Can Trust

Please be sure to choose a security company that you can trust, has specially trained professional security system installers and industry certified monitoring center operators, never requires a contract, and earns your business every day.

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