Did you know your DRYER can start a fire?

Fire Safety, Homeowner Tips

When a fire started in the home of a customer in Jefferson, Georgia, EMC Security immediately received an alert and contacted the customer — who was on her way AWAY from the house. 

While on the line with her, the EMC Security operator immediately dispatched the fire department to her home. By the time she got back, they were there and in the process of extinguishing the fire, which had been started by her dryer. Thankfully, the fire was put out before any substantial damage was done, and, most importantly, no one was hurt. 

New Homes Are at Greater Risk

Please always consider fire monitoring for you home as a part of your security system. While many think only old homes are at high risk of fast-moving, high-damage fires, that is not true. It is actually NEW homes that are at more risk! 

Why? Many new home are designed with an open floor plan, which provides refreshing air circulation and great sight-lines BUT also gives fire plenty of oxygen and a clear path to travel. There’s also more stuff in newer homes — more technology means more computers, televisions, tablets, and phones that are very susceptible to fire. And all this stuff is now being made with new synthetic materials that burn quickly. That’s right, your iPad could help bur your house down. 

Protect Yourself with a Fire Monitoring System

The NUMBER ONE thing you can do to protect your home is install a fire monitoring system. EMC Security includes fire monitoring for NO ADDITIONAL COST on all of its security systems. Having adequate fire monitoring can mean the difference between minimal loss and fire damage and total loss of your home to a fire.  More importantly, it can mean the difference between life and death. 

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