Crime Stats, Homeowner Tips

With so many people anticipating a fun night of Halloween festivities, there will be an expected abundance of opportunities for burglars to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners.


An Opportunity for Thieves

Halloween offers the perfect cover for a would-be-thief. A burglar can dress up in a costume to conceal his identity, giving him free rein to check to see if homeowners are at home. You can’t expect your neighbors to suspect unwanted activity around your home when that’s what’s expected on Halloween.

Protect Your Home

A home security system will protect your home from burglars, and ward off teenagers who might try to vandalize your home on Halloween.

Integrate security cameras around your home and deter burglars.  Youngsters who are looking for a good time will avoid houses with security cameras as much as burglars looking for a quick payday. Advertising the fact that you have this technology on Halloween will keep disorderly teenagers and burglars at bay.

If you’re a household that doesn’t partake in Halloween, a burglar might think you’re not at home when you don’t answer the door. This could potentially lead to an attempt to enter your home, which could result in a dangerous situation for you and your family. A home security system would alert you and law enforcement that someone is attempting to break into your home.

Halloween is just around the corner, so if you’re leaving your family vulnerable, it’s time to consider investing in a home security system.