Don’t Miss These Essential Home Safety Items

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Be prepared for any emergency with these must-have items in your home.


Replace the ordinary deadbolt on your door with a smart lock to access your home using its app to lock, unlock, and create other settings. 

Portable first-aid kit

Portable so it’s easy to carry around the house.

Fire safety ladder

Store the ladder in an accessible location, preferably near a window, so you or your family members will be able to quickly and safely escape the house in the event of fire.

Motion activated lights

Smart-lights activate when motion is detected, deterring those who would rather do their bad deeds in the dark.  Couple with security cameras for even greater effect.  

Fire-proof safe

A safe can keep these possessions from being stolen in the event of a break-in.  Keep a portable safe well hidden.  

Fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is must-have safety essential could save your life. Place it in an easily accessible area so you can quickly and effectively put out a fire. 

Fire and Carbon monoxide detectors

Keep your family safe with monitored smoke detectors and CO detectors.  Add a monitored smoke detector to your security system for no extra monthly cost with EMC Security.

Security system or cameras

Homes without a security system are 3 times as likely to get broken into.  Most burglars surveyed said they’d pass by a home with a visible security camera as well.  Security systems are very affordable from just $179 – check out EMC Security’s options here.

an EMC security sign in front of a house