EMC Security at Work

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Not only does EMC Security protect homes and families at home, but we also protect people at work, when they are out and about, shopping, attending school, work, or having fun.

Our Commercial and Industrial Security Department is hard at work, every day, building partnerships with businesses as a full security provider of video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire protection, and access control.

In fact, EMC Security protects more schools in Georgia than any other security provider.  Thousands of children and staff rely on us to keep them safe each and every day.

Additionally, EMC Security provides all the security technology for Stone Mountain Park. Next time you are enjoying the beautiful grounds and facilities at the park, look for our cameras and signs.

EMC Provides Security for a Variety of Industries Including:
  • Retail:  Frequent challenges in a retail environment include theft and shrinkage, employee safety, and maintaining high work standards while the owner is away from the business.
  • Logistics:  Key challenges include verifying goods have been received and shipped, locating items, preventing shrinkage and theft, and mitigating workplace injury.
  •  Multi-Family:  Multi-family properties are faced with discreetly managing and protecting a large facility or campus with thousands of residents and dozens of employees without sacrificing the comfort of the residents.
  •  Office:  Worker safety, fire protection, remaining code compliant, and securing important documents are key issues in office environments.
  •  Education:  Concerns regarding school security have dramatically increased, as schools across the nation have become the target of crime and violence and drug activity.
  •  Data Center:  It is critical for a data center to protect valuable technological assets and information in a low foot-traffic environment.
  •  Manufacturing:  Key challenges include verifying quality control standards, evaluating manufacturing up-time, and mitigating workplace injury.

Learn how EMC Security can help keep your business safer here.