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Security Solutions for Educational Facilities

Concerns regarding school security have dramatically increased, as schools across the nation have become the target of crime, violence and drug activity.

Below are the services provided by EMC Security for educational facilities:

1. Video Surveillance

School administrators and resource officers utilize video surveillance to investigate incidents on school property. High-resolution video surveillance along with video analytics have become important tools in managing schools.

2. Fire Protection

Protecting students, faculty, and staff from fire and allowing the buildings to remain code compliant with NFPA standards with full-service design, installation, monitoring, and inspections.

3.  Access Control

Access control systems allow schools to harden their exterior and require visitors enter through only approved and monitored school entrances.

4.  Intrusion Detection

Protects school assets after-hours when buildings should be vacant. The latest in technology also allows school administrators to receive notifications when the system is armed or disarmed.


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