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Security Solutions for Manufacturing Facilities

Key challenges for manufacturing facilities include verifying quality control standards, evaluating manufacturing up-time, and mitigating workplace injury.

Below are the services provided by EMC Security for manufacturing facilities:

1. Video Surveillance

Well placed video surveillance systems allow managers to evaluate manufacturing processes as well as reviewing manufacturing up-time. They also provide forensic information when evaluating reports of a workplace incident and have been shown to mitigate theft and shrinkage.

2.  Access Control

Access control systems allow managers to track and limit employee and visitor movement throughout the facility. Reports from the access control system can be used for determining who has accessed certain areas and at what time.

3. Fire Protection

EMC Security ensures businesses remain code compliant with NFPA standards with full-service design, installation, monitoring, and inspections. 

4.  Intrusion Detection

Intrusion systems are a cost-effective way to protect large facilities without the need for manned on-site security. The latest in technology also allows managers to receive notifications when the system is armed or disarmed.


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