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Business Security Solutions for Multi-Family Properties

Multi-family properties are faced with discreetly managing and protecting a large facility or campus with thousands of residents and dozens of employees without sacrificing the comfort of the residents.

Below are the services provided by EMC Security for multi-family properties:

1.  Fire Protection

Protecting residents and employees from fire and allowing property to remain code compliant with NFPA standards with full-service design, installation, monitoring, and inspections.

2.  Access Control

Allowing residents access to the property and amenity areas, while preventing non-residents from accessing these areas. Telephone entry systems give residents the capability to conveniently approve visitors.

3. Video Surveillance

Property managers can review activities around the property and amenity areas. Video surveillance also gives residents peace of mind.

4.  Intrusion Detection

Intrusion or burglary systems in amenity areas protect against forced entry and theft.

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