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Business Security Solutions for Retail Establishments

Frequent challenges in a retail environment include theft and shrinkage, employee safety, and maintaining high work standards while the owner is away from the business.

Below are the retail services provided by EMC Security:

1.  Video Surveillance

Effectively utilizing a video camera system allows owners to maintain a record of activities for later review.  It also provides owners with real-time and recorded video on demand and notifications while off-site.

2.  Intrusion Detection

Intrusion or burglary protection gives owners the peace of mind that when their business is closed, they are still being protected. Pairing panic devices with a security system allow workers to immediately and discreetly alert authorities if they are being threatened or in need of help.

3.  Fire Protection

EMC Security ensures businesses remain code compliant with NFPA standards with full- service design, installation, monitoring, and fire system inspections.

4.  Access Control

With virtually unlimited access control options, retail owners can limit access to key areas like storage, business offices, and critical IT rooms.

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