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EMC Security has always believed that alarm systems provide peace of mind and are an excellent way to deter burglars, detect fire, and help with medical emergencies.  The actual response stories below show how the security systems of EMC Security customers work to protect the lives and property of our customers here in Georgia.

Always be sure to arm your system every day and test your system regularly.


Residential Burglary

Confirmed Break-In, Losses Avoided – Stone Mountain:

EMC Security central monitoring station received an alarm from the home of an EMC Security customer in Stone Mountain.  The hall motion detector and kitchen door sensor had detected movement.  EMC Security called the customer and dispatched Dekalb County Police.  The customer called back and advised that someone did break into her home.  A glass pane in the kitchen door was broken out, the beds in two bedrooms had the sheets stripped off of them and dresser drawers had been gone through.  At this time she is not aware of anything missing.  The customer had a new laptop on the dining room table with some cash that was untouched.


Burglary Attempt, Suspect Apprehended – Atlanta:

EMC Security received an alarm from the front door of an EMC Security customer in Atlanta.  After attempts were made to contact the premises the monitoring representative attempted to dispatch the Police Dept.  The operator at Fulton County Police Department stated that the officers are already on scene from an unknown caller who called in about someone attempting to steal the homeowner’s AC unit.  The monitoring representative inquired about the alarm and if the burglar ever entered the premise, the operator stated that according to the notes from the officers on scene entrance was never made to the location.  The operator stated that the suspect was apprehended by the Police Dept and is in custody.


Small Business Intrusion

Small Business Burglary Avoided, DNA Evidence Left at Crime Scene – Athens:

EMC Security Monitoring Center received an alarm from a business customer in Athens. When contacted, the business owners stated that perpetrators smashed the front window and smashed a glass showcase.  When they smashed the glass showcase, it appeared that the perpetrators had badly cut themselves and there is blood going all the way to the parking lot.  The owners determined that nothing was taken, possibly because the perpetrators injured themselves.  The customer sounded very happy that nothing was taken and sounded content about his alarm system.


Small Business Break-in Thwarted – Gainesville:

EMC Security central monitoring station received an alarm from the business of a commercial customer.  After calling and speaking with the customer, it was determined that nothing was stolen from business.  The customer believes that security system scared the perpetrator away. Customer was very happy with response and performance of security system


Medical Alert

Medical Emergency Response Within Minutes – Duluth:

EMC Security central monitoring station received an alarm from the residence of an EMC Security customer in Duluth.  EMC Security immediately called the home and a neighbor answered phone requesting paramedics to the location.    The EMC Security customer had fallen and was unable to move the entire right side of her body.  The paramedics were dispatched to residence and were able to get to the customer in time.  The monitoring center representative remained on the phone with the customer until the paramedics arrived.



Smoke Detected, House Fire Prevented – Snellville:

EMC Security monitoring received a Smoke / Heat Detector Alarm.  The monitoring station immediately contacted the homeowner and dispatched the fire department and they found that someone in the home had left a pot on the stove where all of the liquid had boiled out of it. If they had not gotten back to the home when they did, the home could have caught fire.  The customer is very happy with the way the alarm was handled by EMC Security.