EMC Text-Alert Notifications and Response – Free Optional Service

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EMC Security is dedicated to providing the most reliable security systems that not only protect Georgia families and businesses, but also simplify our customers’ lives through remote services, home automationvideo cameras, and more.

We are also committed to providing choices and options that make it easier for our customers to utilize their security systems and for potential customers to feel safe at home.

In that spirit of convenience, we’re now offering EMC Text-Alert, an innovative chat notification enhancement you won’t see anywhere else. With EMC Text-Alert, you and everyone on your emergency contact list will receive a group chat notification in the event that an alarm is triggered. If someone knows what’s going on, he or she can respond appropriately.

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text alerts




How It Works:

1. When an alarm is triggered at your home or business, everyone on your emergency contact list will receive a text with a link to enter the group chat.

2. Upon entering the group chat, participants can discuss the situation.

3. Users can dispatch or dismiss the alarm from the group chat using a verification code.

4. From the time the notification is sent, participants have 60 seconds to respond. After this time, normal call procedures will be followed.


Why It Works:

1. Convenience: Sometimes taking a call isn’t convenient. Think about it you’re at work, out to dinner, at a movie, on a business trip, or somewhere else where you may not be immediately available to take a call. A discreet text notification can be much more accessible.

2. Efficient Communication: Everyone in your emergency contact list is notified at once, and can use the chat function to determine what triggered the alarm. Based on what’s discussed in the chat, appropriate action can then be taken.

3. Reduced False Alarms: Many things can happen to accidentally trigger an alarm — save time and money by dismissing the alarm directly from the chat notification.

4. Reliable Security: EMC Text-Alert is the first line of notification. Participants have 60 seconds to respond to the initial notification before normal call procedures are followed. So even if you aren’t immediately available to answer the notification, you’ll still be protected.

In addition to the same level of protection from EMC Security you know and trust, the new EMC Text-Alert feature not only offers yet another level of security and convenience, but it’s also provided at no additional cost



To learn more about EMC Text-Alert, contact EMC at 770-963-0305.