Essential Steps to Protect Your Home and Privacy During Major Life Changes

Aug 10, 2023 | Homeowner Tips

At EMC Security, we understand that significant life events, such as divorce, changes in living arrangements, or marriage, can impact your home security needs.

If you find yourself similar situations, read on for important steps to take to ensure the privacy and safety of your home and loved ones.

Divorce: Securing Your EMC Security System

When going through a divorce and your spouse or partner moves out, taking immediate action to protect your home and privacy is crucial.  

Follow these steps:

1.  Call EMC Security at 770-963-0305: Inform us of your situation so we can assist you promptly. It is important to note that the person that will be removed from the account must give verbal approval (with the passcode) to ensure accuracy.  Once complete, they will no longer have access to your security system.

2.  Change your verbal password: It’s also important to change your verbal password that is used to verify your identity when speaking to EMC Security or accessing your account. This helps to prevent unauthorized access to your confidential information.

3.  Change your keypad code: Your keypad code is the 4-digit numbers that you press to disarm the system.  In some cases, each member of the household may have a unique code, but if this isn’t the case, you should update it so prevent unauthorized. Choose a new code that is unique and secure, empowering you to maintain control over who can arm or disarm your system.

4.  Disable access to the mobile app and video service.  Contact Technical Support for assistance.


Roommate Moves Out: Updating Access and Permissions

When a roommate moves out, it is vital to remove their access and ensure the ongoing security of your system.

Take the same steps as above.

1.  Change your verbal password and keypad code.   Disable access to the mobile app.

2.  If they are on the account, remove them.

3.  If your roommate had their own password for the EMC Security account, contact us at EMC Security, and we will remove it from the system. This ensures that they no longer have access to your security system.


Marriage or New Roommate: Adding to Your EMC Security Account

If you get married or have a new roommate, it’s important to update your EMC Security account to reflect the changes and provide necessary access.

Here’s what you should do:

1.  Call EMC Security: Inform us about your new marital status or roommate, and we will update your account accordingly. By doing so, we ensure that your spouse or roommate has the necessary access and permissions to use the EMC Security system.

2.  Create a dedicated password: Generate a unique password for your new spouse or roommate. Encourage them to choose a strong and secure password, providing an additional layer of protection for your EMC Security system.

3.  Add them to your mobile app.  Download the app and add them as a user so they can experience the ease of controlling the system remotely.

4.  Add them to the emergency call list: For enhanced safety, add your new spouse or roommate to the emergency call list. This ensures that they receive important incident notifications through calls and text messages, allowing them to stay informed and take necessary action in case of an emergency.

touchpad of a security system

To further protect your privacy during life changes, consider using the following tips sourced from the article “Divorce Tech Tips” by Kim Komando:

1.  Update passwords on all accounts: Change passwords for online accounts, emails, social media, and financial platforms. Choose strong, unique passwords, and consider using a password manager to simplify management. This helps prevent unauthorized access to your personal information.

2.  Review and adjust privacy settings: Evaluate and update privacy settings on social media platforms, restricting access to personal information. By doing so, you ensure that only trusted individuals can view your posts and profile, maintaining your privacy.

2.  Secure personal devices: Protect your smartphones, tablets, and computers with strong passwords or biometric authentication. Install security software and keep all operating systems and apps up to date to defend against digital breaches.

3.  Consider professional assistance: Seek guidance from a tech expert or professional if you need help securing your digital devices or protecting your privacy during complex life changes. Their expertise and support can provide you with peace of mind and ensure the utmost security.

Protecting your EMC Security system during life changes is a top priority for us at EMC Security. By following the outlined steps and implementing the additional privacy tips, you can safeguard the confidentiality of your home and personal information.

Remember, EMC Security is here for you every step of the way. Stay proactive, and trust us to empower you in protecting what matters most to you and your loved ones.