Having That Medical Alert Conversation

Medical Alert

When is the right time to get mom and dad started with an emergency alert system?

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell because there are no clearly defined rules for this sort of question. It depends on the circumstances and the people involved. Nevertheless, one thing that’s certain is it’s never too early to get started with this type of protection, and the best way is to have a heartfelt talk with mom and dad.

For some families, this can be a tough conversation or at the very least, one that you’d rather to put off until next time you see your parents. However, if you are expecting some resistance, it’s best to start talking about it sooner as opposed to later. This way gives them time to consider and adjust to the idea — or perhaps, even to make that decision for themselves.  It may take a few months for it to sink in, but if you approach this conversation thoughtfully, they are likely to understand how an emergency system would be a positive addition to their lives.

For most seniors, it’s expected that a time will come, during which they will need extra help. That help could come in the form of a medical alert system. Using a medical alert system is all about keeping seniors healthy and independent. If an emergency strikes, they’ll be able to get help faster which should lead to a speedy recovery as well. As it turns out, your parent’s independence is interconnected with their health and happiness, so a little extra protection is a very good thing.

When approaching this conversation, express your concern about their situation in a loving way. The fact that you think about the safety of your parents is a clear sign that you care deeply for them and want them to live well into their age in the home that they love. A medical alert system is a wonderful way to help them continue to live a happy and healthy life.

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