How EMC Security Raises the Bar for High-Risk Business Security

Dec 19, 2023 | Commercial/Business

There is not a one-size fits all security protocol for businesses.

Certain high-risk businesses such as non-24-hour convenience stores, jewelry stores, pawn shops, banks, gun stores, high-end sporting goods stores, and some retail outlets face unique challenges:

a jewelry store

Jewelry Stores:

Smash-and-grab thieves particularly like jewelry stores because of the high value of precious metals and gemstones.  The rapid rise of these brazen tactics – in many cases without consequences – pose a significant challenge, necessitating investment in secure, shock-proof displays, rapid-response protocols, and enhanced video surveillance technology.


a pawn shop

Pawn Shops:

Pawn shops deal with a wide range of valuable items from electronics to antiques and jewelry.  Not only are the goods themselves attractive to criminals, but the amount of cash on-hand requires robust cash handling procedures and vigilant monitoring.


EMC Security recently dispatched at a local jewelry store that experienced an armed intrusion around 4:00am.  The alarm communicated with the monitoring center and video was able to further verify an intrusion by two people, with a large handgun, at the front entrance.  After the incident an EMC Security technical supervisor contacted the owner/manager to ensure everyone was OK and that there was no damage to the system during the event, which is also standard procedure for EMC Security.

a gun store

Gun Stores:

These establishments offer dangerous and sought-after merchandise  Theft from such establishments not only represents a financial loss but also poses a potential threat to public safety.


a bank


Banks have always been high-risk due to the substantial amount of cash they hold. They’re also vulnerable to more sophisticated types of crime, such as cyber-attacks or fraud.


a retail store


Retail establishments, particularly those specializing in luxury goods, like high-fashion apparel or modern technology, are vulnerable to shoplifting and organized retail crime.  These items are relatively easy to resale, fueling criminal activity.


a gas station

Convenience Stores:

These stores are often cash-heavy, making them attractive targets for burglaries. Additionally, there is often just a single employee for late-night shifts leading to an increased risk of robberies.


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EMC Security’s Dedication:

Our experienced sales representatives and service technicians work to understand your business’s unique security needs.   We’ve set stringent minimum set of security standards for high-risk businesses, incorporating and exceeding industry best practices to build a rock-solid security foundation for these businesses:

1. The alarm panel and Network Video Recorder (NVR) are strategically positioned in secure areas, ensuring these critical components aren’t easily seen or accessed.  A common tactic when entering a premises is to pull the keypad off the wall to dismantle the system.  With the alarm panel hidden away, the system will still operate even if a keypad is inoperable.

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2. Ensure the keypad is not visible from the outside, so a non-alarm condition is not seen.  Recommend auto-arm practices when applicable.

3. EMC Security  requires cell backup for monitoring, eliminating vulnerabilities associated with sole reliance on landline or IP connectivity. To deter any potential disconnection, the cell backup is installed away from the main panel.  Cellular communication is the most reliable form of communication with the monitoring centers and is a critical component of a high-risk security system.

4. An instant-alarm configured motion detector is placed near the panel and its connection with the cellular communicator. If any tamper attempt occurs during the delay sequence, the unit triggers an immediate alarm.

5. A loud inside siren is required, and a recommended outside siren and/or strobe as an additional deterrent.

6. The panel and the communicator must include a built-in battery backup. We also encourage businesses to install a backup power supply for any installed recorders.

7. After the event, an EMC Security Supervisor must follow-up at the location to ensure everything is OK and discuss potential repairs or improvements to the security system.

These are the minimum requirements, the foundation blocks upon which we build a robust security system. Every business has its own unique needs and vulnerabilities, so customizing these parameters and adding extra layers of defense is always encouraged.