How Much Does Home Security Cost?


Depending on the provider, the cost of a security systems can vary widely with a wide assortment of monthly fees. Below, we’ll go over some facts and let you decide if a security system is the right choice for protecting your home and family.

Facts About Break-ins

Data from the FBI 2012 crime report shows that one in every thirty-six homes in the United States will be burglarized this year, resulting in an average loss of $2,230 per break in (totaling $4.7 billion in property losses).  Even more shocking is that a burglary takes place every 15 seconds in the U.S. By the time you finish reading this blog, another home will be broken into.  

While monthly fees certainly can vary, a basic security system will cost you far less than what the average burglary will cost you.  EMC Security in particular has a popular self-install system for just $299 and offers financing on all systems with just $99 down.  Additionally, most homeowners insurance companies reduce premiums by up to 20% with proof of having a security system installed in the home.

Potential Savings

While monthly alarm monitoring varies by provider, a security system may ultimately be less of an expense when you include all of the potential savings. As compared to the yearly $2,230 average loss of a burglary, you could potentially have years of home security before reaching how much you could lose from just one burglary without a security system.

The main deterrent for people thinking about getting a home security system is most often the cost.  Studies show that a home without a security system is 3 times as likely to get broken into so you might decide that the cost is worth covering the potential risks – a decision that only you can make for yourself.

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