How to Choose a Home Security System (Part 2)


Consumers who are in the market for home security can choose between two options, DIY or professional installation.

Professional installation is required with all hardwired home alarm systems but not necessarily with wireless systems. Here are points to consider when choosing pro installation.


Pro installation is required with high-level, hardwired security systems but are considered optional with wireless systems. One of the key benefits to having your home security systems installed by a trained technician is having an extra sense of security and peace of mind knowing that the work was done by a professional. Of course, DIY wireless security systems are easy to set up, but an experienced security professional can help guarantee the best possible use of the equipment by positioning it in ideal locations around your home. Another benefit is that you get to conserve your own time and energy as it relates to setting up the system! These benefits are extremely beneficial for people with larger properties and/or security systems with many components.

Still not sure if the pro-install option is right for you? Here are a few additional items of consideration to help inform you:

What Do I Need?

The type of system and components will depend on the construction of your home, your particular needs (security, fire, cameras, automation, etc.) and lifestyle (children, pets, etc.)

Hard-Wired vs Wireless

A hard-wired system connects all devices to the control panel via wires. Wireless systems connect via radio frequency, using minimum wiring.

Communication Method

You can connect to our monitoring centers via phone line, internet, or cell towers. Cellular is the most reliable since it does not rely on a power source to communicate.

Cameras and Automation

Interactive controls, cameras and home-automation can be added to most security systems for a complete smart-system, controlled from your mobile device. 

In-Home Technician

At this appointment, the system will be installed and tested, interactive services will be applied, and the homeowner will be fully trained on system operation.

What’s the Process?

Contact us at 770.963.0305 to schedule an in-home evaluation to determine what equipment is needed. Monthly monitoring is $16.95 for Wi-Fi, $23.95 for cellular option.

Next, we’ll take a look at replacing or modifying an existing system with EMC Security.