How to Choose a Home Security System (Part 3)


There’s a wide range of home security systems from various brands, each of which comes in different shapes, sizes, and have various functions and capabilities.

As the list of alarm systems continues to grow, so does the way in which each system differs from the next.

As a good rule of measure, alarm systems that were manufactured after the millennium are usually prime candidates for reuse. This means that homeowners whose security systems were installed after the year 2000, can switch to a new security company without having to reinvest in a new security system. 

In general, home security panels from the 90’s and beyond, are more difficult to program and their capabilities are limited.

Additionally, older systems usually lack up-to-date features, such as smartphone control, cell communication, wi-fi connectivity and home.

Ultimately, it is best to consult an EMC Security professional about your system. We will let you know what your system is capable of doing. But in the meanwhile, here are a few things to help you determine whether a takeover of your existing security system is right for you:

What a Conversion?

Replacing or modifying the control panel and keypad(s) of an existing security system. Door/window sensor, motion detectors, wiring, and smoke detectors may or may not need to be replaced.

Why Do I Need This?

Some systems do not accept a simple reprogramming because of proprietary equipment specific to a certain alarm company. Therefore, it’s necessary to replace the control panel and keypad(s). 

What About Updates?

Some systems may not necessarily require a conversion, but the customer chooses a conversion to upgrade to newer technology (keypad) or communication method (replace phone connection with Wi-Fi or cellular). 

Examples and Ideas
  • Upgrade to a touchscreen keypad
  • Revise communication method
  • Integrate security cameras
  • Add home-automation and interactive services
What’s the Process?

Contact us at 770.963.0305 to schedule an in-home appointment to inspect your existing home security system and determine your needs. Monthly monitoring is $16.95 for Wi-Fi, $23.95 for cellular option. 

In-Home Technician

At this appointment, the conversion will be completed and tested, interactive services will be applied, and the homeowner will be fully trained on system operation. 

Finally, the last option to consider on your search for home security is the Takeover option. Let’s take a look at what this means and which buyers are better suited for this option.