How to feel safe when living alone

Mar 30, 2023 | Homeowner Tips

Some people who live with another person or a family, feel scared and unsure when they begin to live alone.

Experts say that being alone is something you can get used to—and may even be better for you than living with someone who isn’t ideal.

But the fear is real so it’s important to take steps so you can begin to enjoy living alone and feel safe.


Below are tips to get started:


Get a security system.  Even if you live in an apartment, a good security company will offer systems that are wireless with no drilling required.  These portable systems are some of the most advanced on the market.  EMC Security has an easy-to-use system that can be integrated with smart-devices and cameras for as much or as little protection as you desire.  We can also activate a system already in the home.  If it’s outdated, we can swap out some equipment to get it as good as new – for less than buying a new system.   

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Get a dog.  A dog (or a cat) can provide some love and company.  A dog can also be a great deterrent to would-be intruders. A large dog will bark loudly and scare off anyone who might try to break into your home. If someone does make it inside, a dog will also be able to alert you when they do so–even if they’re trying not to make noise or wake up other people in the house.  Even small dogs can be hazardous.  If you’ve ever been bitten on the ankle by a small dog, you know what I mean.  But remember, a dog is not a security system – they can’t call for help if needed.


Never leave the house with it unlocked, even if you’re only going next door to get groceries.  Unfortunately social media and our open-book lives have made it easier for criminals to target unsuspecting victims.  Make it a habit – take your keys and arm you security system.


If possible, keep all windows covered when not being used for ventilation purposes. This will help prevent people from peering through them and seeing what’s going on inside your home during nonbusiness hours!


Get a smart-lock for your front door.  Keypad locks are versatile and can be used with either a code or key, and can be locked or unlocked from anywhere in the world.


Get a video doorbell for your front porch.  This world-wide phenomenon is one of the most popular cameras on the market because it lets you see what’s going on whether your in your kitchen or across town.

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Keep an eye out for suspicious people or vehicles in your neighborhood.  I don’t mean to turn into Gladys Cravats but pay attention.  Victims of burglary and mugging are often-times not paying attention to their surroundings.


Make sure any doors or windows on your property have locks on them so they cannot be opened from outside without a key (or other device). Make sure these locks work properly so they don’t get stuck or break off when someone tries to force them open with tools like screwdrivers or crowbars; this will let anyone who breaks in know immediately that they won’t be able to get through easily. 


And finally, do what you can to ease your anxiety.  Try a mild form of yoga before bed, spend time with your faith, talk to friends, watch a funny show, and take care of yourself.  Before you know it, you’ll start to feel comfortable being alone and cherish the time you have enjoying it.