How to Protect Your Privacy While Using a Home Security App

General, Smart-Home

One of the most convenient features of modern security systems is the mobile app.  Since the app has the ability to arm and disarm your system, view camera video, and control other home functions,  it’s important to keep it secure with protection from hackers.  


Below are ways to protect your privacy while using a home security app:


  • Connect to a trusted Wi-Fi network to keep your home security system information and events private from the public. If you’re not connected to a secure network, there’s a high risk of a stranger using public Wi-Fi to get your private home security information. 
  • Most security apps allow you to share access with other family members. Consider limiting app access only to those who need it. 
  • Change your password frequently. If your app allows, use two-factor authentication to log-in two ways to access your account. The extra layer of security helps prevent hackers from accessing your account with only a password and email. 
  • Keep your mobile app up to date. Anytime your app has an update available make sure to download the latest as soon as possible. App updates often include bug fixes, security and privacy improvements.