How to Spend Your School Security Grant


In 2019, the Georgia Board of Education awarded all public and charter schools with a security grant of $30,000 for security upgrades.  The June 30, 2020 deadline for utilizing the $30,000 Safety Grant is fast approaching. 

EMC Security is helping many schools determine the best use of the funds, and implementing security plans customized for their needs. 

As a premier school security provider, EMC Security currently protects over 350,000 students across 18 county school districts in North Georgia.  

The most effective campus security solutions are video surveillance and access control.

These solutions are effective measures for deterring a crisis and responding to emergencies in an education environment. 

Examples of school upgrades:

Conversions & Upgrades:  Migrate a legacy analog system into a network IP system with an incident detection feature and exceptional image quality. – Hazel Grove Elementary

AI Powered Video Surveillance:  Monitor for trespassing, vandalism, theft, and overall perimeter protection, even in complete darkness. Search through data to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle across school grounds in near real-time. – North Middle School

Access Control/Video Intercom:  Browser based system that provides critical information on who has entered your school, before remotely granting access. Immediately respond to alerts, record attendance during field-trips, drills and emergency evacuations. – Stephens County High School

EMC Security is your single source for end-to-end solutions and service.  Protecting over 350,000 students across 18 school districts in Georgia, EMC Security provides customized solutions for dozens of facilities within their $30,000 grant budget.

  • Scalable solutions. Non-proprietary equipment designed for future expansion.
  • On-time. Deadline for installation is June 30, 2020.
  • Within budget. High quality service with competitive rates well within the grant’s parameters.
  • 120-day payment terms. Zero down payment to assist with up-front costs.

School Administrator Testimonials

Daniel W. Jardine; Chief Operations Officer; Gwinnett County Schools

“The service and support delivered to Gwinnett County Public Schools by EMC Security has met and exceeded our expectations since 2009. We have made significant improvements in our facilities monitoring and response capabilities as a direct result of the technical expertise they provide.“

Brad Richardson; Purchasing Coordinator; Forsyth County Schools

“After struggling through one defaulted contractor, we received prompt and professional service provided by EMC. Their service actually exceeded the expectations as we discovered that the process and methodologies that they employ were more advanced that we had anticipated the market offering.” 

Josh Fincher; Director of Plant Operations; Washington Wilkes BOE

“I was very pleased with the quality of workmanship of EMC Security. The crew went above and beyond to make sure that our project was as minimally invasive and went as smoothly as possible. I can’t stress enough how grateful I am for EMC Security’s customer service and attention to detail throughout the project.”

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