Insurance Benefits From A Security System

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There are many incentives to having a security and or fire monitoring system installed in your business or home. Obvious ones include 24/7 watch over your possessions and loved ones, and peace of mind.

But many people don’t realize that spending the money upfront to get a system installed can ultimately save money in the long run through insurance discounts.

Insurance Benefits

Insurance companies like to stack the deck in their favor. For instance, a healthy person is more likely to have cheaper premiums because they are at less risk of a health episode. The insurance company rewards the person with cheaper prices because the person is less likely to use the insurance.

The same goes for home and business owners. You can receive up to a 20% discount on your homeowners or business insurance policy by installing a security or fire system in your property.

A study conducted by the UNC Charlotte concluded that 60% of would-be burglars wouldn’t break into a home if they knew it had an alarm system. Insurance companies look at these statistics and see the potential of a potential break-in significantly drops when a property has the protection of a security alarm monitoring system. Thus, the insurance company rewards the person with a discount, because this ultimately helps the insurance company. It’s a win-win for both parties.

Consider this scenario:

  • Your policy is $428, or $36 dollars a month.
  • With a 20% discount, you’ll save $85, or $7 a month.
  • You can look at it like your new policy costs $343, or $29 dollars a month.

That might not seem like a lot now, but over a ten year period, you’ll have saved $850 dollars on your policy. That is a substantial amount. Free money is free money. You should take advantage of these potential savings.

Additional Benefits of Having a Security & Fire Alarm System

According to the Insurance Information Institute, Fire accounted for 11.1 billion dollars in property damage in 2018. That was the result of 499,000 structure fires that year. Fires can happen anywhere at any time.

The benefits of having a fire alarm monitoring system can’t be ignored. A fire alarm system provides 24-hour protection from a fire. Houses and businesses with fire alarms are more likely to get dispatch faster to the property than places without. This reduces the potential amount of property damage and can save lives.  EMC Security monitors for fire at no additional monthly cost.

A security system, like a fire alarm system, provides 24-7 protection for your family and belongings. Having a system literally prevents over half of all burglaries and provides peace of mind that you, your valuables and your loved ones are protected.