Is a DIY Security System Right For You?


We’ve all seen the commercial and heard the ads on the radio.  DIY – Self Install – security systems are very popular and easier than ever to set up, in many cases without the need for a professional. 

Are you up to the task? You might choose a DIY home security system installation over a professional if you:

  1. Want to save some money
  2. Are comfortable DIYing
  3. Want a system installed on your time frame
  4. Are aware of your home’s security vulnerabilities
  5. Want to move your system
  6. Plan to add to your system over time


Let’s dive deeper:


  1. You Want to Save Money

This is the number one reason why people opt for DIY.  Advanced technology makes it easier than ever to set up a security system yourself – potentially saving you hundreds of dollars. 

EMC Security goes a step further on our typical DIY systems.  If you want one of our professional technicians to install it for you – we can do that for an extra fee.  Being a local company gives us the flexibility to help you when you need us. 


  1. You’re Comfortable DIY-ing

Handy with a screw driver? You’re already overqualified to install a basic home security system.  EMC Security’s systems are pre-programmed for your home, pre-labeled for where the equipment is placed, and are set up without any tools needed.  The peel-and-stick installation is quick and easy. 


  1. You Want a System Installed on Your Time Frame

No appointments.  No PTO needed.  No waiting around.  Once you receive your system, set it up whenever you want – in just minutes. 


  1. You’re Aware of Your Home’s Security Vulnerabilities

If you are confident you can identify potential weaknesses and fortify them on your own, a DIY system makes sense for you.  If not?  Simply give us a call before making the purchase.  An EMC Security representative will walk you through your home and customize the right system for you.  Want to do everything online?  Use our “Build Your System” tool to customize and purchase the perfect system for you home in seconds. 


  1. You Want to Move Your System

Are you a renter?  Do you move frequently?  If you’re sure you want a security system but not sure you want to stay put, DIY home security systems are as easy to remove as they are to install. Since you put everything up with double-sided industrial tape, you can easily remove the equipment and take it with you.  Another bonus – EMC Security can monitor you system anywhere in the US!


  1. You Plan to Add to Your System Over Time

With DIY installation, it’s easy to add equipment as you purchase it. Instead of having a pro come install every new sensor or camera you add to your home security system, you can take a few minutes to do it yourself.  Consider adding security cameras and smart-home devices like lights and locks that work through the security app on your mobile device.  


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