Is a Home Security System Necessary? A Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Decide

Apr 6, 2023 | General

The list below provides a great way to assess your home and lifestyle to determine if a home security system is necessary. 

The fact is though, many homeowners decide to get a system after an event occurs:  a burglary in the neighborhood, economic conditions, a sudden life change like having a baby or a divorce.  There are MANY reasons why people choose that the time is right.  But if you’re on the fence, the guide below can help.


Step 1: Assess Your Neighborhood’s Safety 

Research local crime rates and statistics in your area. There a a few websites dedicated to this sort of thing and can provide valuable information on crimes in your area. Speak with neighbors and local law enforcement to gather their insights on the safety of your neighborhood.


Step 2: Evaluate Your Home’s Vulnerabilities

Conduct a thorough walk-through of your property to identify potential security weaknesses. Examine doors, windows, and other entry points for signs of wear or gaps in security. Consider factors such as visibility from the street, the presence of hiding spots, and the effectiveness of existing locks.


Step 3: Consider Your Lifestyle and Habits

Analyze your daily routines and habits to determine how they may impact your home’s security. If you frequently travel or work long hours, your home may be more vulnerable to break-ins.

Additionally, assess whether your habits, such as leaving doors unlocked or windows open, might put your home at risk.

Additionally, it’s tough to admit, but many burglaries are by someone you know.  You might not even realize it, but a friend of a friend or a friend of someone living in your home could be an intruder.  We have heard from many customers that have been victims of this type of crime – home or away.  


Step 4: Review Your Valuables and Assets

Take inventory of the valuables and assets within your home. If you possess expensive electronics, jewelry, or other high-value items, a home security system can offer added protection and peace of mind.  

While you’re at it, make sure your expensive, valuable items are hidden away so they aren’t seen by the casual visitor.  There is no reason to invite crime.  


Step 5: Analyze Past Incidents

Reflect on any past incidents that may have occurred on your property or in your neighborhood. Break-ins, vandalism, or other security-related events can serve as indicators that additional security measures may be necessary.


Step 6: Examine Your Home Insurance Policy

 Review your home insurance policy to determine if a home security system might result in a discounted premium. Most insurance companies offer reduced rates for homeowners who take proactive steps to secure their property.  Some insurance companies give a greater discount if you also have fire monitoring or cameras.  

In fact, your insurance discount could pay for your security system monitoring.


Step 7: Weigh the Benefits of a Home Security System

Consider the various benefits that a home security system can provide, such as deterring burglars, monitoring for emergencies, and providing remote access to your home.  Don’t forget to include on the list the peace of mind you get from an armed system as you leave your home, go to sleep at night, and spend time alone in the house.  Customers that have a security system tell us they can’t sleep at night unless their system is armed.  

Weigh these advantages against the costs of installation and maintenance to determine if a security system is a worthwhile investment for you.


Step 8: Consult with a Home Security Professional

If you’re still unsure about whether you need a home security system, consult with a home security professional. They can assess your property and provide expert advice on the most appropriate security measures for your home.  Schedule a consultation here >>


Step 9: Make a Decision

Based on your research and consultations, make an informed decision about whether a home security system is necessary for your property. If you determine that a security system is appropriate, begin researching and comparing home security providers to find the best fit for your needs.  Your local security experts, EMC Security don’t require a contract, so if you change your mind, you’re not locked in without paying penalties.  Give us a call at 770-963-0305 or click here to get started >>.