Is DIY Security Right For You?


With the introduction of advanced technology, there are many home security options available.

Most of them fall into two categories:  professionally installed, and self installed/DIY systems.

Below we will provide the benefits of each to ensure you get the system right for you.

Professionally Installed Systems

When you purchase a professionally installed security system, like one from Atlanta’s own EMC Security, a security expert assesses your home and lifestyle to determine the security solution that is right for your needs.  Once the system is customized for your home, a professional security technician will install and test the system.  This includes installing the panel, keypad, sensors, and integrating remotes services on your mobile devices.  A wireless system takes 2-4 hours to install and test every sensor to ensure it’s working properly.

Some homeowners decide to install a pre-wired system.  Pre-wired security systems have wires connecting each device to the control panel (or hub of the system) and operate on electricity in the home.  Installation could take a full day, depending on the size of the home and type of system.

There are some companies that make outrageous offers for free security systems with professional monitoring.  If you choose to evaluate these companies for your home security, pay attention to the fine print and contract terms.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  A reputable security company will charge a fair price for equipment, offer payment terms, and keep monthly monitoring costs affordable.

Is a Professionally Installed Security System right for you?  Find out here.

Self-Install/DIY Systems

A home security system you install yourself, like EMC Security’s Self-Install System, can be a more affordable, convenient option for many people looking to secure their homes.  With this type of system, you can install it when it’s most convenient for you – without taking off work or scheduling appointments.  It’s also typically more cost effective since you are not paying for installation.

It’s important to note that not all DIY security systems are the same.  EMC Security cautions against systems from the “big box” stores.  We believe no one should trust their home and family’s safety to anyone other than a professional security company.

Here’s why:

1.  You are on your own when purchasing a system at a retail store.  If you don’t know what you need for complete protection, how are you going to “build” your DIY system?  EMC Security’s consultants work with you to determine exactly what you need according to your home specifications and safety concerns.

2.  Some are Poor “cheap” equipment.  One of the number one consumer complaints about DIY security systems on the market is the cheap, unreliable equipment.  

3.  Lack of technological support.  If you have an issue with the installation, who can you call?  What if something goes wrong with one of the sensors or the keypad?  Does the company have service reps that can swing by your house to assist you?  Even though our DIY system is fast and easy to install, EMC Security has local, award winning service representatives available with just a simple phone call.

5.  Who is testing the system?  EMC Security runs alarm signal tests on every customer every month.  If we don’t get a signal, the customer is notified and a service technician is sent out if necessary.  A DIY system purchased from a retail store will most likely not provide any customer support after the purchase.

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