January, 2021


What to Expect From EMC Security in 2021

Certificate of Monitoring*

 Later this month, you will receive via email, an annual Certificate of Monitoring for your homeowner’s insurance company to receive any insurance discounts available.

Your Security System

 You will receive an email in February with a guide for maintaining your security system and account. This will help keep your home security system in tip-top shape all year.

Security System Guide

Coming Soon!

Check emcsecurity.com for a quick and easy reference if your system is experiencing a trouble signal (often expressed in a series of beeps and keypad alerts). Simply look up your system in the guide and follow the steps to troubleshoot. Call EMC Security if further assistance is needed.

Upgrade to the Latest Technology For Less

Want a shiny new touchscreen security keypad to control your system, view your camera footage, and control your smart-devices?  Is it time to add cameras, auto-locks and lights?

We can help! Call 770-963-0305 to integrate with your security system today.

Update Your Contact Information

It’s important to keep your contact information up to date. Submit contact information changes and revisions to your emergency contact list quickly and easily. Available now on our website, emcsecurity.com.

Referral Programs

Moving this year? Refer the buyer of your home to EMC Security. Once they become a customer, we’ll send you a $100 e-gift card 

Refer another customer and receive 2 months free service.

Some alarm companies hire traveling agents to go door-to-door, making unsolicited “cold calls” on homeowners.

We have received reports over the last few weeks, that some of these agents have tried to get inside EMC Security customers’ homes, without an appointment, by implying they are a representative of EMC Security. We can assure you, they are not.

 Once inside the home, the agents use high-pressure to deceive our customers into signing a contract with a company that is not, in reality EMC Security.

 If one of these scammers knocks on your door pretending to be from EMC Security, contact the police and then once you feel safe, let us know by calling 770-963-0305.

 EMC Security will never send a representative to your home without an appointment.