Key features of a good home security camera


With a lot of choices available for you, it can often be tough to find the ideal home security system that can keep your home and family feeling safe from harm.

Security cameras come with a lot of features that make one different and often better for you than others.

We’ve put together our list of key features you should look for when choosing your home security cameras.


High Resolution Camera

This is the most important feature because the camera is useless if the image isn’t clear.  The higher the resolution, the sharper the image.  A full HD resolution of 1080p is best, but HD 720p is OK if you are on a tight budget. 


Field of View

A higher viewing angle will give you the most recording coverage but depending on your needs, you may not need something so expansive.  Field of view ranges widely by the camera so check this specification to make sure it’ll work properly in the chosen location. 



There are a few types of recording that are common for home security cameras. 

The most popular cameras use cloud storage.  This option makes it easy to view video anytime.  The length of time or amount of storage varies by camera so make sure you understand what you are getting so you aren’t surprised when you need to access video that might have been deleted.  Some cameras include a memory card space for additional storage.

Alternately, DVR/NVR camera systems record on-site.  The footage lives on the DVR/NVR in your home to be viewed at any time.


Infrared Night Vision

Make sure your camera has IR night vision.  Even if your camera can capture footage hundreds of feet away during daylight, if it can’t capture video at night, it’s doing half its job.  IR lights can capture crystal clear video, even in total darkness. 


Two-way Audio

Camera with two-way audio allow you to speak through the camera and can capture background noise.  This is a great feature because it allows you to be at two places at once.  You can communicate with anyone around your home – pets, infants, aging parents – without the need for a phone. 


Integration with Your Security System

Get the most out of your security cameras with integration to the security system.  For example, if a camera detects motion in a specific area, your camera can activate the alarm or a light.  Integration is the best way to stop crime as it’s happening. 


Mobile App

The reason why security cameras have become so popular is because of the convenience of viewing video from anywhere through a mobile app.  Many cameras provide real-time access so you can answer your front door from your kitchen or across town. 


Keep in mind that not all security cameras are made equal, so it’s important to research to make sure you get the best for your needs.  


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