A medical alert device is like a dependable friend or family member you can rely on for help when you’re in an emergency situation.

Below are a few atypical ways a medical alert device could help you or a loved one.

Living Alone

According to a report issued by the Wall Street Journal, 35.7 million Americans live alone. Living alone can be a wonderful experience, however, becoming injured or experiencing some sort of emergency is a risk.

Medical alert devices give you the peace of mind that you will get immediate help with just a press of a button.

Walking in the Evening

Ask any adult and they’ll probably admit to being afraid of the dark at some point during their childhood and that a nightlight makes the presence of darkness less scary.

Similarly, a mobile medical alert pendant can provide similar relief whenever they decide to take an evening stroll. You’ll have quick access to help, in the event that a threat arises, by wearing the pendant around your neck or clipping it to your belt or bag,

Visually Impaired

Living with a visual impairment presents moment-to-moment, daily challenges – moving around with others both in and outdoors makes it easy to experience an accident. A medical alert device will provide a constant level of protection if an emergency situation were to occur.

The medical alert device was designed to be worn close to the body, so it’s easy to locate and doesn’t require digging through a bag to find. This is a huge benefit for someone who is visually impaired.


It’s very common for pregnant women to have their doctor’s phone number close-at-hand throughout their pregnancy. This is important for many reasons but especially if there’s a health problem or the mom suddenly goes into labor. This is when having a medical alert device within arm’s reach proves important. You will receive aid as soon as you signal for help with a medical alert.

Around the Clock Protection

Keep yourself or your loved ones connected to reliable protection wherever you may be. EMC Security’s medical alert devices are portable and non-obtrusive with a sizable button that’s easy to access.

Chat with one of our security experts today to discuss how you can stay fully protected with a medical alert device.